Have a Design?
Meeting: :
Contact us via whatsapp, email or come directly to our office. Tell us what services are needed. Can carryout consultations thorugh with online meeting and offline at our office or the nearest coffee shop so that client can express their wishes.
Site visit: :
Site visits for clarify site conditions and risk assessment & mitigation, *for soil test and mapping (addtional)*
Concept Design: :
Discuss concept and design wishes with our architect berupa moodboard. Clients can changes design three times before the next steps.
Design development: :
In this steps we can develop the design by concept revised from the client. Then clients make a down payment before our team proceed the design development. Client will get the detail design arcithecture, structural drawing and estimate cost.
Construction Drawing: :
Client already completed the down payment for the detail design (architecture, structural drawing, mechanical engineering and plumbing, garden, and cost fixed), we will create a construction drawing document that will us a tender document for client. And also this document will use as a contractor’s guide to build your project.
Bid (penawaran): :
In this stage we will make an offer document that contains item spesifications and payment methods.
Dealing: :
After dealing the offer document, we will gave the clients: down payment, approved payment methods, and gave the complimentery from us.
Construction: :
The project is carried out by the contractor. We will make a supervison every week and our architect will check the contractor’s progress in the project area, that is as desired or approve changes made in the site. This supervision will be: every Monday – Saturday will provide report by picture and every month will report by the percentage progress has been made.